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The research into Henry rayner's life and work is continuing. Already, people have generously contributed new information about his life, and examples of his work. Thank you to everyone. We love hearing from fellow Rayner enthusiasts, and adding to the story told in the book.

If you have a print by Henry Rayner, especially one that has a story attached (for example how it came into your family's possession) please do get in touch via the email address on the Contact page. 

The same applies if you have some personal recollections of the artist or his family.  Did you know them in Gospel Oak in the 1940s ?  Did you know them in Ramsgate between 1955 and 1957 ?  Did you know his widow Theresa and daughters in Twickenham between 1958 and the 1990s ?

With your permission, we can use the information in a blog posting, and also reference it on the @etchingrevival Twitter feed.

Many thanks.